photo stories 2015 and earlier

  • Queensberry Photography albums

    I am delighted to now offer quality archival Albums from Queensberry  handmade right here in Auckland, NZ.

    As part of of my Premier Photography collection you recieve a 10 x 10" square, leather bound album with your names embossed on the cover, printed on tineretto art paper (matt with a fine texture) on sturdy pages.

    The size album included in my package is 20 pages (40 sides) and is approximately 70 images chosen by you. Extra pages, and smaller parent albums are also available as additional.

    Here are the photos of my sample album, which i look forward to showing you in person

    (*please note this one is 25 pages with approximately 95 images).

    I hope you get a glimpse of the beauty of this product, something tangible to hold after the wedding.

    Here is Queensberry's very own movie of the process of these beautiful works of art.