The Harrop's - a portrait of a family

I got to capture a small slice of  "The Harrop Family" one Sunday morning and it went something like this......a wander down to their local beach - Blackpool on Waiheke Island....walked along the middle of the road as there aren't many cars out and about in their neck of the woods on a sunday morning (except electrician vans ), walked on the beach & sea wall then found a old boat so had an explore on that....wandered back via the Blackpool hall where there was a sausage sizzle and fair on so the boys had a wee sausage in bread  (as you do), utilised the cool old school hall there as a backdrop....wandered back to the house ( how cool is that yellow front door !) .. Charlie showed me his favorite toys (all very cool superheros) and dressed up as Green Lantern, and George played "ode to joy" on the piano and showed me his magic tricks....then we all had a cuppa and hung out in the garden.

It was fun ! Thankyou to the lovely Harrop family for letting me into your world to document it as you are, right now.